Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2 IMPORTANT Updates Concerning Upcoming Events

(1) Student Life Conference: Parents will probably be THRILLED to hear this...students perhaps not so much.  But it's all good.  I've been trying to figure out some way to save families money...I know many of you have a student or even multiple students who have signed up for multiple big events for 2015.  I know that can get costly very quickly.  SL Conference this year is closer (Charlotte) than it was last year (Atlanta).  Staying 2 nights last year made sense due to the distance we had to travel to get home.  However, it doesn't make as much sense this year.  So I have decided to just stay one night (Friday the 13th, not the movie).  I am also going to take food out of the overall event cost and just let each student take care of the meals, themselves.  This is going to be huge for your pocketbooks!  This brings the total cost of what you will pay to the church down from $120 to $70.  This will cover the conference fee and lodging.  The only thing left will be food for the weekend, which I will lay out soon so you can be planning.  If you have already paid more than $70 for this trip, we will be glad to move your overage to another trip or simply reimburse the remainder.  Just let us know.  We should now plan to return home on the 14th by around 9:30pm.


(2) We sent in our down payment for camp (FUGE - North Greenville University - June 15-20) today.  We *may* have a spot or 2 open if you would still like to go.  It looks like right now the students who will be going are the following:
Grace R.
Isaiah R.
Michael G.
Alex C.
Brandon Y.
Nikolay C.
Bryce G.
Matthew W.
Joshua W.
If you feel you should be on this list and don't see your name, please let me know ASAP!!!  As in by tomorrow.  If you would like to be added and go, you MUST let me know by tomorrow.

If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thanks!!


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