Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Parents Meeting Info (From 12/7/14 Meeting)

In case you couldn't make the parents meeting this past Sunday night, here is the information I passed out.  

You will notice that a BIG change has occurred in our Canada trip with the date.  We will also not be leading a baseball camp this year.  This was per Ron's request.  They are simply condensing what has been 3 weeks of sports camps during the summer down to 2.  This has resulted in baseball camp being cut.  So, instead, this year we will be traveling there in April to participate/lead in a retreat with the students there.  We are also looking at offering an evangelistic outreach to other students in Rawdon while we are there.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

A couple of important notes:
* Students may sign up on the back wall of the student room, but are NOT officially signed up to participate until they have paid a down payment or have had a conversation with me in which we work out alternative payment plans.
* In an effort to be more precise with payments coming in for events, we are asking that all payments be made on Sunday nights.  I would prefer parents bring that payment up (preferably between 7:45-8pm).  All money collected on Sunday nights will be documented and turned in to Jennifer the next morning.  She will keep a list of all monies turned in so that we can all confidently be on the same page.

Important 2015 Dates:

1. Student Life Conference
            * March 13-15
            * Charlotte, NC
            * Cost: $125
            * Sign Up Deadline: December 21st 
            * Down payment Due: $40

2. Canada Mission Trip
            * April 6-11
            * Rawdon, Quebec, Canada
            * Cost: $450
            * Sign Up Deadline: January 4th 
            * Down Payment Due: $100

3. FUGE Summer Camp
            * June 15-20
            * North Greenville University (SC)
            * Cost: $280
            * Sign Up Deadline: January 19th
            * Down Payment Due: $50

·      No Student Ministry next week (12/14)
·      Caroling & Christmas Theme (12/21)

·      Family Discipleship Summit (1/9-10/15)


  1. I will be going on the Student Life Conference. Let me know my cost.

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